3D textured IML

3D textured IML

What is the 3D textured IML

GRS have developed a special IML which allows us to apply special finishers to any product of your choosing.

What does the 3D textured IML do exactly?

In the past, any producer who wanted to give its product a special texture, had to invest in engraving the mold wall surface. Now, Global Roto Sheka, world leaders and pioneers in special finishers in houseware plastic industry, have developed new and unique IML that allows to change the finishers of the injected part by changing the types of labels.

In the past, if a producer wanted to make his product look wooden, would do standard wood printed IML. However, visually it was lacking, and it didn’t have the feel or a real wood. Now, With the 3D textured IML you get both the look and the feel, just like real wood furniture.

How does it work?

The process is similar to standard IML process, however, despite the fact that the engraved mold used doesn’t change(for example, matt or high polish) when applying different types on 3D deep texture, the surface of the final injected product changes to the IML texture of the used material used both in looks. whether its:

  • Stone – Graphite, Concrete
  • Wood
  • Brushed
  • Leather
  • Geometric shapes
  • Matt
  • Cork
  • Metals – Gold and Copper
  • Fabric – Hydrophobic, Jute

It is almost impossible to distinguish between the real material and the 3D textured. What’s also, the product also becomes extremely durable and scratch resistant.

Besides the visual and feeling aspects, what other benefits does this 3D textured IML has?

  • The materials used are made from Polypropylene, the products can be fully recycled, making the environmentally friendly.
  • We can design products specifically for the environments in which they are meant to be placed, making them seem fashionable and 100% fitting to the surrounding.

Global Roto Sheka have more than 35 years of experience in the field of IML. We will gladly provide you with a tailor-made solution to any problem or challenge you might face. Contact us today and find out what exactly we can do for you.

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