Cork IML

Cork IML

What Is Cork IML?

Global Roto Sheka, as part of its development and innovation process, has developed a new and unique form of IML using natural cork. Global roto Sheka is the first company in the world to attempt successfully use natural cork, which is harvested from a cork oak tree, in an IML process. The result is nothing short of amazing.

Even though the thickness of a label, which is more than ten times thicker than the standard IML, poses a difficulty while loading in a standard procedure, Global Roto Sheka is the first company in the world to develop Cork IML that can be used in a commercial IML mass production.

Benefits of the Cork IML

In collaboration with our strategic partners which specialize in creating automation IML processes, and as part of the turnkey solution that we offer to our clients, our R&D team came up with an out of the box and a tailored-made solution, specifically suited to the needs of the projects, The result was a plastic coffee cup, surrounded by a layer of cork creates a thermal insulated cup

The benefits of such product, besides being unique and groovy in its design, is very practical because it allows coffee drinkers to hold their favorite beverage without the fear of getting heat burns thanks to the natural thermal insulation ability of the cork. Finally, the anti-bacterial and anti-slip/non-skid properties of the cork make it the ideal coffee to go cup.

The cork cup is only one example of the applications that can be used by the cork. Global Roto Sheka can use the Cork IML on big products depending on the specific needs of the client.

Global Roto Sheka are pioneers and world leaders in the field of IML, with more then 35 years of successful experience with hundreds of happy clients in various fields. There is no problem in IML that we can’t solve.

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