Digital IML

Digital IML

Digital IML is a new technology which allows clients to personalize a product and print in small quantities.

Who can benefit from Digital IML?

The Digital IML is especially useful for producers interested in launching a new product to see how the market will react.

We, Global Roto Sheka, world leaders and pioneers in the field of IML with 35 years of experience in the field, came up with a groundbreaking solution, and found a successful way to laminate digital printings. Thus, we called it Digital IML. Not only that, Global Roto Sheka is the only company in the world, to successfully use Laminate Digital printings on big sized products.

Digital IML allows us to be ready for short runs depending on the client’s needs. The client benefits by not needing to pay for the early preparations which entails buying printing tools and colors. This allows manufacturers to focus and prepare small quantities for exhibition, to launch the product into the market for the first time. Once the manufacturer receives orders, manufacture can move to mass production without a problem.

DIGITAL printing + lamination for extra-large size IML.

  • Very economic for small quantities, due to canceling of the printing tools cost
  • Useful tool for your designers and marketing teams to test new designs or launching a new product and test the market response.
  • Possible to combine several designs at the same printing run and reduce the minimum, order quantity.
  • Unique frame size up to 1100mm*700mm

Advantages of lamination:

  • Food DIRECT contact approval
  • Dishwasher and microwave proof
  • Posable different finishing (high durable, chemical resistance, Matt, soft touch,
  • The Digital iml application can be adapted for any injection resin: PP,PE, PS, ABS, SAN, PC

We in Global Roto Sheka take pride in our ability use our out of the box thinking to deliver costume made solution to our clients.

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