Durable IML

Durable IML

What is Durable IML?

Durable IML is a laminated IML. The process entails taking two or more layers of laminate with locked print/color/ink between them which considerably enhances the durability of the the product.

The color is then “hidden” between two layers of laminate and cannot be removed from scratches, chemicals or any detergent.

The Durable In mold Labels is suitable for many various products such as tables, chairs, toolboxes, signs, etc. It is also possible to achieve UV resistance according to applications needs.

Benefits of Durable laminated IML:

High Durability by lamination – Long lasting IML products achieve the best durability possible. No other durable solutions, for example: Reverse IML printing technology, durable overprint varnish or any other solution can achieve this. To improve scratch resistances (for example in trays and plate applications) we combine in the composition a PET (polyester) top layer, which is more durable than a standard PP ejection.

Dishwasher resistant, High pressure washing machine.

Microwave approved.

Food (direct) contact approved – Today it is a common practice to use In Mould Labeling in a dietary products industry. However, all manufacturers are using IML on the exterior of the containers storing the food, and not on the food itself. The container then checked for whether the poisonous colours from the IML are migrating through the plastic and “touch” the food inside the container. If the container checks out fine, then the In Mould Labels is approved. A problem does arise, when you want to put food on the IML itself. For example, a plate or a drinking cup. We use all the raw materials which are commonly used in the food industry. All raw materials include, inks, varnishes, adhesives and films) all approved for direct food contact by EU and FDA regulations.

UV resistant – contrary to other UV IML printers (that use UV inks for outdoor protection) Global roto Sheka uses all the components in lamination (films, inks and adhesive) that are UV resistant.

Heat resistant– Resistance against injection point where there is a very high temperature and pressure.

Various finishers – Matt, glossy or combined matt/glossy, soft touch, super transparent, full color printed or double sided printed

For example, for inject polystyrene application, Global roto Sheka will create laminate with locked printing between two lamination layers. The composition will contain polystyrene injection layer and top lamination layer that can be from other polymer types to achieve new surface properties

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