Lidding films

Global Roto Sheka manufactures laminated films for sealing for cones, tanks, ready-made small trays or as tops in thermoforming machines. The lidding films are adjusted for sealing on ALU, PP, APET, CPET, PS, PVC, PE and universal sealing.

Why is it used?

Used as proven closure in chilled salads, cheeses and milk products, meat and processed meat products, coffee, sauces, spreads, tomato paste etc.

The lidding films are made of one or multilayered films. There are many finishing possibilities – anti-fog covering, chilled or frozen adjusted, package suited for hot fillings, can be done in compositions resistible to hazardous materials, and of retort.

From Easy-Peel to Lock

Lidding films are made of graduated sealing strength adapted to the packaged product and customer’s demands. One can get the films with locked seal for tearing with a knife or sealing for easy opening for maximum convenience.


 The lidding films can be manufactured in many kind of ways-

  • Non printed with maximum transparency
  • Flexo or rotogravure printing
  • Matt or shiny look

 Fresh keeping and shelf-life extending

Maximal freshness and shelf-life extension are a main goal for many manufactures. Using structures with aluminum or raw material durable to UV, oxygen and humidity, one can enjoy highly sealed with medium to high barrier packages.