Applications & markets

Applications & markets

In today’s era, plastic products surround us in all life aspects and we run into them in our everyday life – in the packaging of food and cleaning products, storage and organizational boxes, in housewares, kitchenware and even house and gardening furniture.

Using many years of knowledge, advanced production technology and suitable mechanization, Global Roto Sheka brings its IML products to a level you have yet to know.

Diverse Raw materials

Usage of varied raw material from standard white, ultra transparent, metallic, to special natural materials such as cork, textile, paper etc.

Diverse compositions

Global creates lamination foils for IML from one layered to multiple layers in any kind of thickness required, suited for injection of all matter types- ABS, SAN, PS, PE, PP and more.

Printing possibilities

Global keeps at your disposal different printing methods such as flexo graphics, digital, rotogravure and offset. Printing can be made double sided.

Variety of sizes

Global can create IML foils for injection in a range from 60 mm and up to 1400 mm.
Global’s printing possibilities in unique register from a width of 1100 millimeters and to infinity.

Finisher options

  • High durability against UV, scratches or finger prints
  • Matt finisher
  • 3D finisher
  • Ultra transparency
  • Soft touch

 Diverse fields and products

  • Housewares – designed dustbins, top aware, kitchenware, trays
  • Households- home and garden furniture (tables, chairs, cabin doors)
  • Toys
  • Different packages

Customized products

Global gives tailored solutions to their clients and the packaged product requirements

  • Solutions authorized to direct food contact
  • Solutions that are microwave and dishwasher resistible
  • Solutions with UV resistant and scratch resistant for indoors and outdoors products

 Global offers at your disposal the knowledge and tools to give your products exclusive  and prestige’s look & feel.


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