IML LABELS – to enhance the look and feel of your plasticware

IML labels are a great way to spice up the look of your plasticware and make it look extraordinary, catchy and unique. Manufactures who take advantage of those unique labels are bound to find that their products will catch the eye of potential consumers.

As the leader in the field of In-mold labeling, Global Roto Sheka offers a wide variety of IML solutions, packages according to the clients needs.

We offer wide arrange of tailor-made solutions using laminations through our various IML applications in any injections resin such as PA 12, PA 6, PC, SAN, PP, suited for various raw materials in different shapes and sizes.

Types of IML Labels

  • Metallic IML Foil – Aluminum Foil – The way to achieve real stainless-steel premium look & feel. This type of IML offers very high durability and resistance against scratch damage and marks of fingerprints. This Label also offers High chemical and UV resistance and a finisher of Mirror, Glossy, Soft Touch and matt.
  • Durable IML – This type of label is achieved by hiding the color/print/ink between two layers of laminate. This IML greatly enhances the durability of the plasticware making it ready for a microwave use, approved for food contact, high pressure washing machine, Dishwasher resistant and more.
  • Cork IML – Global Roto Sheka can utilize the cork in various IML applications. Global can enwrap the cork around plasticware of various shapes and sizes. One of the most famous uses of the Cork is the Cork Coffee cup.
  • Digital IML – This IML application allows manufacturers to successfully prepare for short term runs and new product pilots to test the market response at minimum cost due to not needing to purchase any printing tools while maintaining high printing quality.
  • 3D textured IML – This application allows to apply very special finisher to any plasticware both in look and feel. Finishers can vary from wood, stone and more. The product can also be fully recycled which makes it environmentally friendly.

Global can leverage its extensive knowledge and knowhow in order to meet any design specifications to meet client needs and demands. Regardless of shapes, sizes and materials. Global has solutions for everything.

IML labels is the way to leave a distinguished impression on your clients and leave a lasting mark. If you need more information don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist and provide you with a turnkey solution. Your challenges, our solutions

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