IML, or In-mold Labelling, is a process that allows companies to decorate their plastic Injected parts with any label of their choosing. The molding process is performed during the manufacturing phase. The label then becomes part of the product. Naturally, this allows companies to design the Injected parts with special materials (as Aluminum) and give them special finishing and touches.

Metallic IML

The Metallic IML process gives a plastic part a metallic premium look and exclusive.

Metallic IML is extremely useful for manufacturers who produce with black recycled material because the Metallic IML can cover the product in its entirety.

We at Global Roto Sheka have more than 30 years of experience, and we are the pioneers of implementing metallic IML in the household, housewares industry and have the know-how to turn a plastic part to look luxurious and unique.

Metallic IML variations

Metallic IML Foil – Aluminum Foil, the way to achieve real stainless steel premium look & feel.

The In mould label lamination structure contains real aluminum foil. The product injected with an aluminum label considered as a recycled since the aluminum part takes less than 1% of the total.

Global Roto Sheka producing foils in various sizes and diverse options include:

  • High durability, scratch or fingerprint resistance
  • UV resistance for outdoors products
  • Chemical resistance
  • Matt, Soft touch, Glossy, Mirror finish look and feel
  • 3D finisher
  • Thickness 70µ-220µ, Label Size up to 1350mm

Global Roto gives tailored solutions to their clients and the packaged product requirements as direct food contact approval or Microwave and dishwasher proof.

Global Roto Sheka provides tailor-made solutions in development, the supply of materials, and the thickness of labels in different IML’s structures in accordance to the clients system (mold/automation) needs.

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