Multi-layer films

Global Roto Sheka specializes in producing multilayered lamination films, in a composition of 2 to 5 layers. These films are adapted to a variety of applications and purposes and suited to packaging methods in HFFS or VFFS automatic machines.

From the production of rotogravure or flexo printed films in a matt or shiny look – to the production of unprinted films in the highest transparency level, we will do everything to achieve maximum visibility of the packaged product.

Common Usage

  • Food packages of different kinds
  • Dry food and snacks packages
  • Chocolate products packages
  • Ice-cream products packages
  • Frozen products packages
  • Packaging for powders
  • Packaging for coffee
  • Cleaning product packages
  • Cosmetic packages
  • Packaging for baby food
  • And more…

 Lamination films with cold seal (CS)

Lamination films with CS fitted to products packed in law temperature sealing using pressure instead of heat. The process includes applying CS in a register according to the size of the packaging unit while keeping safety food regulation. The main uses are for chocolate snacks, waffles, ice-creams and frozen products.

Films for easy opening and/or in a straight line

Films of a special composition for easy opening or tearing in a straight line. This solution is excellent for using with powders, coffee, cosmetics, food, detergents sachets etc.

Fresh keeping and shelf-life extending films

Maximal freshness and shelf-life extension is one of the main goals for many manufactures. Using structures with aluminum or raw material durable to UV, oxygen and humidity, you can get medium to high barrier packages. Especially suited to baby food products, coffee, snacks etc.

Special additional Films

  • Films with extra mechanical strength
  • Pecking durability films
  • “Soft”/”silent” films


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