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Re-closable lidding films

Re-closable lidding films

Global Roto Sheka specializes in manufacturing a multi-layered sealing lid to trays and cones made of PE and PET with re-closable multiple times. Using this lid aids the package’s functionality and gives the user maximum convenience while preserving the packaged goods and prevents unnecessary waste of food. This product has a strength and flexibility that ensures opening and closing repeatedly.

Common Uses

Hard cheeses, chilled meat or processed meat products.

 Always Easy-Peel

With easy- opening both in the first opening and in the next ones.


Re-closable lidding films can be made with all the visibility possibilities – non printed and high transparency, colored, Flexo or rotogravure printing, anti-fog coating and a matt or shiny look.

Barrier options

The level of barrier can be determined from medium- high in order to keep the freshness of the products and maintain the prolonged shelf-life.

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