Ethical Code

Ethical Code

The ethical code comprehends principles upon which our relationships are based regarding the owners of the company, its employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, competitors, community, the environment and the Government Authorities.

Each and every one of the managers and the employees, being part of Global Roto Sheka, accepts the responsibility implied in the ethical code, understands what is written in it, acts accordingly to set an example for others.

Our values:

In Global we deal with the challenges, encourage and welcome new ideas chosen professionally with consideration of customers’ needs, the workers and our suppliers, company owners, the community and environment we work in.

We work in cooperation with our suppliers and customers.

At Global Roto Sheka we are committed to –

  • Demonstrate excellence in every aspect of our business and in every corner around the World. We aspire to act to achieve constant improvement.
  • Ethical and responsible behavior in all our actions including compliance with national legislation and any other rule.
  • Respect for people’s rights – whomever they may be.
  • Respect for the environment
  1. All company managers and employees are responsible for checking the company products are up to standards and to the client’s needs.
  2. Management members are committed to keep the values to live up to one’s principles and to set a personal example by ways of dress and conduct according to the obliging organization rules.
  3. Management members are committed to preserv cleanliness and order, by caring about the subject and acting upon it in real time.
  4. The managers at Global take a zero-tolerance policy towards breaching of protocols: we are not willing to accept any deviation from the abiding rules and in any case of identifying such a deviation it will be given immediate attention.
  5. On the other hand, the managers are committed to acknowledge proper and correct conduct and give a positive feedback as well.
  6. Management members are committed to proper discussion conduct without raising their voices, out of respect, attentiveness and tolerance towards others.
  7. The Management will run comprehensive infrastructure surveys at least once a year to identify discrepancies between the demands and identify opportunities to pro-actively improve them. Management members commit themselves to keep the work plan that will be created as an outcome of this activity.
  8. Every manager is committed to accepting responsibility for the procedures and work instructions defining the areas of activity in which he/she is in charge of. This commitment includes responsibility to make sure the procedures match the organization’s policy and are completed.

Suppliers and clients:

  • We act determinately and responsibly to compare the goals and objectives we have set for ourselves in sales, purchases, and production costs field.
  • We view our clients and suppliers as business partners and committing to acting with decency and with respect towards them. We are committed to making sure our suppliers behave according to appropriate ethical principles.

 Our competitors:

We act determinately in order to ensure we are the leading company in our field and to withstand any challenges we take upon ourselves, while abiding fair competition rules.

Our employees:

  • Global is a company committed to its employees, we see each and every employee as a person and in a time of need, we are attentive also to his/her personal needs.
  • At Global, we preserve workers’ rights as demonstrated in law and contracts.
  • At Global, we give everyone a fair chance at work with no discrimination. We employ a person in charge of employee’s complaints of discrimination or harassment.
  • At Global, we act in loyalty to the company and we don’t let irrelevant considerations interfere in our decisions.
  • At Global, we keep secrecy and don’t use inside information for personal gain.
  • At Global, we retain rights of contractor employees, we are committed and take care as best we can to make sure that the conditions of terms of employment of the contractor employees are properly met and that their rights are given by law.
  • In Global, employees’ rights will be maintained as far as the right to unionize, organize and negotiate collectively via a representation of the employees. In a silent and legal manner, with no punishment or intervention by the company, and to demand their rights and negotiate them.
  • Global management will investigate any complaint made by its employees about company policy. Each complaint will be addressed accordingly and will receive a response. No disciplinary actions will be taken against those complaining or those who have brought forth information about the general policy of the company.
  • At Global, there will be no forced labor, slavery or anything of that sort. Global does not encourage punishment that involves any physical, mental or verbal or salary conditions damaged.
  • Management does not employ nor does it encourage child labor.

Hygiene and safety:

  • Global will provide the workers with a safe and healthy work environment, while obeying all the rules and regulations that are relevant. Ensuring reasonable access to water and sanitary facilities, fire safety and proper light and ventilation.
  • The organization has an ordered system to ensure its workers’ health and safety, headed by a certified safety manager. The company works according to all existing rules and regulations and provides safety training for any new employee in the company.
  • All employees will have access to proper bathing facilities, like showers, basins, running water, and personal clothing and food storage facilities.

Our environment:

We are committed to preserving the environment. In that framework we see ourselves challenged to downsize the outcomes of our actions on the work together with environmental considerations in our decision-making process and abide all rules and regulations relevant to environment quality.

Our community:

Global has the at most respect for the community, attentive and caring to its needs, supporting and donating to its welfare while including the workers in the activity.

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