Ethical Code

Ethical Code

The ethical code comprehends principles upon which our relationships are based regarding the owners of the company, its employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, competitors, community, the environment and the Government Authorities.

Each and every one of the employees of Global Roto Sheka, from managers to juniors, accepts the responsibility implied in the ethical code, understands what is written in it and acts accordingly to set an example for others.

Our values:

In Global we tackle challenges, encourage and welcome new ideas chosen professionally with consideration of customers’ needs, our employees, suppliers, company owners, the community and environment we work in.

We work in cooperation with our suppliers and customers.

At Global Roto Sheka we are committed to –

  • Demonstrate excellence in every aspect of our business and in every corner around the World. We aspire to act and to constantly improvement.
  • Ethical and responsible behavior in all our actions including compliance with national legislations or any other regulations .
  • Respect for people’s rights – whomever they may be.
  • Respect for the environment
  1. All the company’s employees, whether its a manager or a junior, are responsible for making sure that Globals products meet the highest standards and the client’s needs..
  2. Our executive members are committed to maintaining the value of “practice what you preach” and serve as a personal example while upholding the organizational dress and behavior codes.
  3. Our managers are committed to upholding order and cleanliness by expressing concern and taking action in real-time.
  4. The managers at Global have zero-tolerance towards breaching of protocols: we will not accept any deviation from the abiding rules. Any case of protocol violation it will delt with immediately.
  5. On the other hand, the managers are committed to acknowledge proper and correct conduct and give positive feedback whenever necessary.
  6. Management members are committed to proper discussion conduct without raising their voices, out of respect, attentiveness, and tolerance towards others.
  7. The Management will run comprehensive infrastructure surveys at least once a year to identify discrepancies between the demands and identify opportunities to improve them proactively. Management members commit to act upon the work plan, which will be conceived out of this activity.
  8. Each manager accepts the responsibility for the procedures and instructions that define the segments on which he/she is responsible. This obligation includes a responsibility to ensure that the procedures are following the organization’s policies and fully complied.

Suppliers and clients:

  • We work diligently and responsibly to compare the goals and objectives we set for ourselves in sales, procurement, and production costs.
  • We view our clients and suppliers as business partners and are committed to acting with decency and with respect towards them. We are also committed to making sure our suppliers behave according to appropriate ethical principles.

Our competitors:

We work diligently to be the leading company in our field and to meet the challenges we set for ourselve and all this while abiding the rules of fair competition

Our employees:

  • Global is a company committed to its employees. We see each and every employee as a person and in a time of need, we are attentive also to his/her personal needs.
  • At Global, we preserve workers’ rights as established by law and agreements.
  • At Global, we give everyone equal opportunity without regardless of color, ethnicity, and gender. For discrimination or harassment complaints, a special manager has been assigned to be responsible for such inquiries.
  • At Global, we act while being loyal to the company and we don’t let foreign considerations interfere with our decision making.
  • Global maintains confidentiality and does not use inside information for personal gain.
  • Globals maintain the rights of contract employees. We are committed to making sure the conditions and terms of employment for contract employees are appropriate, and that their rights are adequate in accordance with the law.
  • Global’s employees’ rights are maintained, including the right to unionize, organize and conduct negotiations collectively via a representative of the employees, devoid of punitive outcomes or company intervention.
  • Global management will investigate any complaint made by its employees regarding company policy. Each complaint will be investigated and will receive a response. No disciplinary actions will be taken against those who complain or raise concerns about company policy.
  • There will be no forced labor or slavery at Global. Global does not support any form of physical, psychological or financial punishment.
  • Management does not employ, nor does it encourage or support child labour.
  • Hygiene and safety:
  • Global will provide workers with a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations, including reasonable access to water and sanitary facilities, fire safety and proper light and ventilation.
  • The organization has policies and procedures in place, overseen by a certified safety manager, to ensure its workers’ health and safety. The company operates in accordance with existing rules and regulations, and provides safety training for all new employees.
  • All employees will have access to proper bathing facilities, including running water, showers, basins, personal clothing and food storage facilities.

Our environment:

We are committed to implementing sustainable practices and reducing our environmental footstep. We abide by all relevant rules and regulations to maintain and preserve our environment.

Our community:

Global respects our community and is attentive and caring to its needs. We include our workers in activities that support and contribute to the welfare of our community.

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