Quality of the environment

Quality of the environment

The environment is ours

 In 1994 the new factory in Caesarea industrial area was established, Global Roto Sheka emphasized preserving the environment as a leading principle in company policy. Even in the planning stage all aspects of environment preservation as far as water, air and fire were taken into consideration.


The factory is located partially on the coastal aquifer, a regional groundwater source. The factory was planned in a special way that the draining and sewage are totally disconnected from the production floor. The production floor is made of special epoxy coating that prevents percolation of process materials (colors, diluters etc.) inside the ground and groundwater. 


Global company is groundbreaking in RTO systems in the industry. Right at the establishment of the factory, an RTO system was installed – from a catalytic Oxidizer (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer). This is a highly advanced system that absorbs all exhaust gasses from the production machines while performing a controlled burning process in 600 degrees’ catalytic substrate.

The system emits totally clean air to the environment.

In all inspections, we find significantly low results than defined by the European standard.

The exhaust gasses in the factory do not contain Halogen

The system won recognition and commendation by the president and the “Industry defender of the environment”.


All cooling systems in the factory are closed systems with no connection with the draining and sewage systems.

All raw materials and flammables are located in standard concrete coating preventing flammable materials to spill in case of a leakage.

The factory is equipped with state of the art firing distinguisher systems, powder and foam systems and an independent water reservoir.

Attending to the waste

Global activates a new system to separate diluter’s excess and sludge process. It is a completely closed system that has reduced waste quantity in 45% moved to the dump area in Ramat Hovav.

The dry waste (plastic materials mixture) is moved mostly after recycling sorting and small excess is buried in known and authorized sites.

In any environmental matters, the contact is Mr. Roni Moses – Technical Manager.

Global Roto Sheka is committed to preserving the environment and in that framework is challenged to downsize the outcomes of its actions on the work. Together with environmental considerations in the decision-making process and obedience of all rules and regulations relevant to environment quality.

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