Types of pouches

The finishing department in Global Roto Sheka manufactures different kinds of pouches with full compatibility for every need or purpose. All the pouches are created in a combination of 2-5 layers and suited to the client’s and packaged product needs, while keeping features of oxygen barrier, UV resistant and required tearing features. The pouches can be made in varied designs without printing or with flexography or rotogravure printing in the best quality, with a mat or shiny look. Moreover, one can order pouches with zippers, hanging holes, notch, a straight line opening etc.

Choose your pouch

  • Retort pouch (for sterilization)
  • Flat/ Pillow pouch – with 3-sided sealing
  •  Stand up pouch – standing pouches with an untroubled bottom.
  • Double gaset pouch – double sided pouches to create a steady bag

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